Beginners and even sitting can be allowed to hold in one colony.

“the Initiative will improve the chances of the people, first offenders convicted of minor crimes or crimes committed by negligence, on the direction in a colony-settlement within its region, – said the Chairman of the Association of lawyers of Russia Vladimir Gruzdev. – Amendments to the Penal code soften a rule requiring the separation of the so-called “pervohodov” (first-time caught up in the criminal-Executive system) and those who are serving a sentence not the first time.”

the Federal penitentiary service has temporarily banned visits to colonies and SIZOs

According to him, such a rule is introduced in order to protect from the influence of criminals who, though he stumbled in life, but is not a hardened criminal. However, due to strict adherence to rules often convicted of minor crimes are sent to serve in other regions, making it difficult to maintain their social ties and, consequently, the re-socialisation after release.

According to him, often in the same region is a colony-settlement. According to the Federal service of execution of punishments on 1 March, 121 the colony was serving a sentence of 32 thousand 798 people. In practice, if there are free places in the colonies in their region prisoners are sent to other regions because the local community wasn’t suitable for the category. For example, a person convicted for the first time, and there sit for those who are not first time been found in places of deprivation of liberty.

meanwhile, the state Duma has passed in three readings the law, raising the chances of convicted persons to serve time in the region where they live themselves or their close relatives. This measure is necessary in order to not lose their social ties. But, say, if the colony in the right region will not approach him in the category, problems may arise.

the Ministry of justice proposes to start digital transformation of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia

it is Therefore proposed to allow to contain within a single colony first offenders convicted of minor crimes and careless prestuplenie together with those who were in places of deprivation of liberty is not the first time but condemned for crimes committed by negligence.

As said Vladimir Gruzdev, to live and work “parohody” and those who are not first time in prison, are separate. Prison authorities minimizes the opportunity of crossing the different categories of convicted prisoners, and this is achieved with the help of architectural and planning decisions, and the introduction of different graphics for these prisoners.