In the stream of information we receive about the coronavirus, sometimes difficult to understand – how things have changed – and has changed the life of ordinary people abroad. Whether the store shelves are empty because of the lack of goods and people sit in their houses, afraid to go outside?

Photo: EPA-EFE/ANGELO CARCONI Coronavirus. Chronicle distribution

“RG” spoke with Olga, who along with her husband and daughter live in the us at Bellevue. This city is located in the state of Washington and is part of the so-called “greater Seattle” the Metropolis of Seattle (Seattle and its surrounding satellite towns). The population of Bellevue is about 122 thousand people, the population of the metropolis more than 3.8 million people. Center of Bellevue is a business area, office buildings, skyscrapers, Mall, restaurants and entertainment. The rest of the city is mainly low-rise buildings and private homes.

According to the latest who data, in the United States 1678 confirmed cases of infection. From the coronavirus died 41 people. The day before during a special press conference, President Donald trump announced the introduction of a nationwide state of emergency.

do You follow what’s going on?

Jane: Yes, we are watching situations. Basically, according to local news channels on the Internet for example, KOMO News (news Seattle and Western Washington – approx. ed.). Look at the situation on the who website. This is an interactive map that shows the spread of coronavirus in the world in real time. Sometimes read Russian media, there read more about coronavirus in Russia.

All optimistic

what do you think – escalate the situation in the local media?

Jane: of Course, in our media write a lot about mers, but I don’t think that’s forcing. This, in mainly, information about cases and deaths and posts of officials about the measures taken. And interested in people. Besides, in our state (Washington – approx. ed.) most cases of infection with coronavirus, therefore, it is clear why this is now the main news in the local media. In fact, no one knows exactly how the situation is serious. The more information about this, the better.

I spoke with colleagues from new York – all are optimistic, no one panicked. My husband is at work, too, there is no panic, people joke on the subject of coronavirus. However, were more likely to say to each other “Wash your hands”. I personally think that excessive caution can not hurt.

Photo: AP Photo the Psychologist explained the absence of panic in Russia because of the coronavirus

do you Go to the grocery store or order them online? Are there any shortages of some merchandise?

Jane: We buy products in the store, just try not to take a child there and not to go in those hours when the store is crowded. For some products, greatly increased the demand for sanitiser (antiseptic) for hand disinfectant wipes for surfaces. For the first time on the soap too. Empty shelves in the shops seen in the area of detergents, disinfectants and toilet paper. Not that of the goods does not, they are periodically put up on a shelf, but immediately dismantled, especially disinfectants. Some shops have limits to how much sanitizer can buy one person. On Amazon now they are gone, too. But the soap is sold, there is nothing stopping to wash their hands at home with him. Heard that mask everywhere ended. But I have not tried to buy them, so I don’t know, maybe they periodically appear in pharmacies.

do you Take any measures to prevention – masks or antiviral drugs, for example?

Jane: We don’t wear masks, I heard that it is not effective. On the streets people mostly go without masks. Yesterday we were on the Playground – not very many people, but all without them. We stayed there for 15 minutes, quick ride on the swing, wiped his hands with a disinfectant and went home. Drugs, no drink, because there were no such suggestions from our doctor, and in General I have not heard that advise something to drink.

People are more likely to say to each other “Wash your hands”

do you Visit public places as well as before?

Jane: Try not to walk. We stopped going to cafes, but I see that some people go to cafes and restaurants, even the elderly. But everyone is trying to wash his hands. On the Playground mommies began to carefully watch what you touch their children. Because of the coronavirus, as far as I know, closed some schools and offices. Everywhere in public places started to wash the carpets. We in the house near the Elevator mounted sanitizers for the hands (there’s an antiseptic). Pressed the Elevator button, put a hand sanitizer, rubbed his hands clean, a house can be with soap and water to wash them. I’ve seen people use it. I think it is not only in our house, sanitizer are in many places, in hospitals, in the halls, for example, to people cut hands, when there is no possibility to wash them.

Photo: Sajjad Safari/IIPA, via AP the CPS told the differences between coronavirus and influenza

you Have a small child. Coronavirus as any influence on where you go with her daughter?

Jane: We no longer walk in the garden and the pool on its own initiative. Decided to sit some time at home, but we’ll see. I know that many do the same.

the rink has closed some classes, but public session is open. They wrote to the group in social networks, which disinfect all surfaces at the rink several times a day and advise people to stay away from each other during this crisis.

Excessive precautions don’t hurt

has anything Changed in your work?

Jane: Many companies advised their employees to work from home, if possible. My husband is at work also gave this recommendation. They worked a week from home. Today, they wrote that work from home has become mandatory. The largest employers in our area – Amazon, Microsoft – also encouraged its employees to work from home. In our office in new York wrote a letter that the staff have to prepare everything so they can work from home if necessary. Now someone works from home, someone walks into the office. I know people who have canceled a personal trip due to coronavirus (decided to wait until the General panic and not to catch).