In the East of the capital began the restoration of the cinema "homeland". Permission to carry out works issued the Moscow’s Department, reports portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

The cinema was built in 1938 by architect Victor Kalmykov. A monument of architecture of constructivism is located at Semenovskaya square.

The front entrance to the theater allocated to high portal with a niche. It was designed specifically to house posters and decorated with a fresco.

The main facade completes the gallery with a site. There was to be a cinema under the open sky, but later there was a cafe.

For more than 80 years history of its existence, the theater underwent several renovations, but its historic character has not changed.

As told the head of the Department of cultural heritage, Alexei Yemelyanov, to the present day preserved original features and interiors.

The specialists will restore the unique décor of the facades. Will also be given in the order the railing from the balusters.

In addition, it is planned to expose the window openings, which were laid in 60 years, and also to recreate a historic doorway, and restore chandeliers.

Earlier it became known that the new district centre will appear in place of the demolished building of the cinema "Baku" in the Airport area in the North of Moscow.