in addition to the hit “the dawn”, Oleg parastayev wrote for the “Alliance” – a legendary group of Russian rock of 80s-90s – plenty of other great songs: “Give fire”, “False”, “Enslaved labor”… He played with them from 1986, brought the arena stadiums of the Soviet Union (from Moscow to Vilnius), and writing all these hits went to the peak of glory of the Alliance. The reason were disagreements with the lead singer and guitarist Igor Zhuravlev. As always – not without a great and wise woman.

Yes, this “disagreement” was a very beautiful young singer Inna Zhelannaya that led “Alliance” in ethnic, melodic and dramatic folk music. With it, the band recorded their third album “the Alliance – III. Made in white”, whose material is loved and legendary British musician Peter Gabriel. The ex-singer of Genesis soon with a new self-produced song from the album “Made in white”: “East”, “on, On”, “there is no Death” and others.

the Iconic Englishman was released on his record label Real World the first album of Inna Zhelannaya. The release was a local success in Europe, that artists, however, is not particularly anxious to develop. Because Inna was as beautiful as they are independent, self-sufficient and preferred to personally select the musicians I wanted to work.

Together with Igor and a little updated composition of the “Alliance” Welcome gave joint concerts. They sang equally and in turn. The setlist was changed and not all fans of the “Alliance” it had to taste, besides folk-rock, and the audience is much less, than electronic, hard neo-romanticism. The style in which the band played before retiring from composition Oleg Parastaev.

Reach incidents. At one of the concerts sold out in 1988, “the Alliance” were in the next office with a group of Konstantin Nikolsky. “Minor arena Luzhniki” was overcrowded. The concert was led by Alexander Gradsky, which in the end also sang a few songs. But still took note of the audience with questions.

In one of them the master asked ironically: “And why the guitarist’s guitar?!” In fact – ask electronic keys and drums, but the rhythm guitar Konstantin Baranov. The guitar of Igor Zhuravlev most of the concert silently hung from his belt, more for the entourage. Town wondered for a long time silent, and then all the same answer: “I don’t know. Well, I guess in order to play…”

In General, no accident, singer Igor Zhuravlev, the author of home hits keyboardist Oleg parastayev, broke up. Each had their own ambitions, a different look on music. The frontman left the group (and was a lot to play the guitar!), and the main hit-maker is gone. But without the “Alliance” is not lost. Parastayev was always kind of active, creative, restless.

And soon he brought to the stage a new project, a trio called “New Russian group”, with soloist Sergey B��covim. “NRG” (which is sometimes called the “New romantic band”) played rock and synth-pop and new wave with an accent on beautiful melodies, a certain loftiness of feelings and not deliberate dance. Was in the sound and a kind of sweetness and detachment from the everyday hustle and bustle and mannerisms of intonation.

But the girls liked the soloist and such a delicate, slightly polished and glamorous melodies. Moreover, Oleg parastayev again quickly composed wholly hit – “Time’s calling me”… And then another one – “Wake up.”

“Woke up” even Alla Pugacheva, who invited “NRG” to sing on their “Christmas meetings” in SC “Olympic”. Moreover, this capital the concert was shown on the main TV channel of the country. And, as they say, the next morning, “NRG” was a famous…

Began touring around the country, sold out (which was not the “Alliance”). And Alla Pugacheva appreciated not only the voice but also the looks, the musicality and style of the soloist. With Sergei Bykov on the way, dancing in his video “Young people ask them to dance”… And “NRG” continued to gather full houses around the country, speaking on “Theatre of Alla Pugacheva”. Hits spinning on radio.

meanwhile, parastayev made already and the next batch hits. They recorded for the album “Half” (earlier released on vinyl, one side of which was occupied by songs in the execution of the “Alliance”, and the second – “NRG”, it is clear that the author of all was parastayev). But the country has entered a difficult period of history, began the time of privatizations and changes in the economy, many were carried off in different directions. And the master tape on WFD “Melody” had disappeared. The disk eventually came out, but the label appears to be, its not particularly looking for… And Oleg parastayev was disappointed, upset.

Soloist Sergey Bykov at that time was successfully engaged in business. And guitarist|keyboardist Dmitry Osetrov sometimes performed solo. Under his second surname Ginsburg. One, it ended very sadly. Him bought tickets admirers of “Russian chanson”, because in this style was a soloist with that name.

Began to resent that they play “not prison”, shook in the air with his fists. In General, after a few such incidents would be immediately agreed to go on stage.

because of all the unhappiness and turmoil, falling almost simultaneously, “New Russian” group soon fell apart. And Oleg parastayev disappointed in the work and what is happening in his life, long seven years away from music.

“Popped” it again only in 1998. Came on a trendy radio station, where the Explorer, “RG” then worked as a leading. Brought the tape. Soon we went on the air. And on that tape, by the way, there were a few new versions of songs “At dawn”, and several tracks in which Oleg tried to sing myself… Yeah, talent had a lot. But not vocal. Another attempt parastayev made in 2001.ode and we were listening to his new tracks already in the newspaper “Today”. Neither were hits, and new discoveries.

Think he felt it. The musician began another difficult period of searching, doubt, turmoil and frustration. Already in “zero” years parastayev and Zhuravlev communicated, discussed the resumption of cooperation. And then re-dispersed in different directions – far and long.

But in 2019 “Alliance” came together in the “Golden composition”, returned bassist Andrey Tumanov, in great shape was Oleg parastayev. Together released the album “I Want to fly!”, different in mood, material, arrangements of… Music critics named him “scrappy”… Praised him seldom.

parastayev and Zhuravlev again argued, and then parted. As it turned out, forever. And just over six months ago Oleg Zaurovich gathered his next project – “At the dawn of 2020”, with the singer Sergei Arutyunov (son of Nikolay Arutyunov of the “League of the Blues”), remembered by the viewers of the project of the First channel “Voice. Reload.”

Began to record the album. Six new songs Oleg parastayev composed himself. Six tracks are different versions of “At dawn”, but with vocals Arutyunov, and four of the authorship of the new soloist. An attempt was made crowdfunding portal “planet”. The money is not fast.

But plans parastaeva, after all the hassle, troubles and creative disputes with Zhuravlyov, to release the disk, which he always dreamed, alas, was not to be…


“At the dawn” is one of the most popular songs in Russian rock. The cover version she did of the Moscow grunge band “Mad Dog”, Krasnodar Antenn MC, Renars Kaupers from Brainstorm, Monetochka and others. But to take so high notes Igor Zhuravlev in 1987, after all, not managed to anyone…