On Sunday evening has died, the former VW Boss, and auto-Patriarch Ferdinand Piëch. 13 children of the 82 left-Year-old. More than twice as many grandchildren, as his widow, Ursula “Uschi” (63) after his death, publicly made. Two of the Piëch-descendants of the Clan now, negative headlines, such as “image” reported.

Two days before the death of Piëch to jr, accordingly, his eldest son, Ferdinand. (53) and his son Arthur (23) an illegal car racing have supplied. The two of them were on the A 81 at Konstanz (D) on-the-go. The father drove, apparently, a Porsche 918 Spyder E-Hybrid (887 HP), the son of Arthur, a Ferrari 488 Pista (720 HP).

of a Crash, just

prevents More than one participant had reported the race of the police. They tell of dangerous maneuvers. So should be prevented in a case, only the full braking of another driver on the road in a Crash.

It was at the end of the police, the ausbremste the speeders. According to the information of “image” would have the Piëch-men compared to the legal guardians of arrogant behavior. One is reported to have said: “you Know, to do with who you have?” Has used it a little. The two will now be determined. The charge: illegal car racing and road hazard.

Unclear cause of death

A study, there is also the death of Ferdinand, Senior. “The branch Rosenheim of the Prosecutor’s office of Traunstein has been initiated due to the death of Ferdinand Piëch an investigation,” said a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office against the German “WirtschaftsWoche”.

witnesses in the Restaurant, where Piëch was collapsing, were questioned and the body was examined. The determination is a pure matter of routine, because the cause of death is officially unclear. (jfr)