The last Sunday of may in Kiev for several decades celebrates the city Day. This year due to quarantine all the traditional festive events — from film festivals to sporting events — take place in an online format. The same format Ukrainian politicians are elected for, to use the festive occasion to remind voters. With details — the correspondent of “Kommersant” in Kiev, Matthew Shimanov.Although there’s no scientific consensus even regarding the year of Foundation of Kiev, the birthday of the capital of Ukraine is celebrated in the last Sunday of may. Since the approval of the holiday in 1987, more than three decades formed a tradition of celebrating of the city Day. In General, it is not very different from how mark these dates in other cities of the former Soviet Union, and includes outdoor concerts, performances for sports teams, fairs and exhibitions. Main, Kiev, feature of the celebration was the race for 5 km on the Central streets of the capital by flowering chestnut trees in may. In previous years in the “Race under the chestnuts” each time attended by thousands of people. This year those wishing to participate have registered about 20 thousand However, because of the quarantine, the city authorities have canceled all outdoor activities. Instead of them belonging to the city administration TV-channel “Kyiv” and YouTube channels relevant to the city authorities, the entire Sunday broadcast performances of Ukrainian bands and performers, commercials, dedicated to the history of Kiev, and congratulations from officials, artists and athletes. Exhibitions and festivals, including the 7th annual international festival of arts for children and teenagers “Children Kinofest”, also held in an online format: art objects and films are shown not in a Museum and theaters, and on the websites of the organizers.”Traditional “Race under chestnuts” will be held also in an online format. There is an interesting idea. Of all the people of Kiev will run a few people. The streets will not overlap. The organizers offer the people of Kiev to join the charity event and make a monetary contribution — 100 hryvnia (about RUB 260— “Kommersant”). Funds will be directed for needs of the Ukrainian doctors and medical institutions — the Center for pediatric cardiology, cardiac surgery, Ministry of health of Ukraine and other”— said on the eve of the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko.By the way, he was one of those few people who on Sunday morning attended the real mileage. From political statements at the start of the run Mr. Klitschko refrained, limiting the appeal to the people of Kiev to take part in the charity event and help those most medical institutions. Later on the town hall website published a video clip of congratulations. Among Gero��in roller — janitors, doctors, railwaymen and American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom Vitali Klitschko via Skype teaches the words of the anthem of the Ukrainian capital “How not to love you, my Kiev!”.The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky congratulated Ukrainians with the two memorable dates such as the days of Kiev and his native Krivoy Rog, whose official birthday is also celebrated this weekend. He compared their obligations to the country with his duty to his own family. “In Kiev, and Krivoi Rog I always want to come back. In Krivoy Rog, in the registry office, I took a vow of fidelity to his wife. In Kiev, in Parliament, I swore allegiance to the Ukrainian people. In both cases, I wanted to make people happy. And it doesn’t matter — it’s one person or a multi-million country. The main thing — to be faithful to your vows every day and at every moment”,— said in the congratulatory address of the President.”Today Kiev — 1538. When I first arrived in Kiev, the capital was celebrating the 1,500 th anniversary. A year and a half it was here that I met Marina and liked her forever. We got their special significant places. For example, the Vladimir hill. For all Ukrainians it is a symbol of the Millennium of Christianity of Ukraine’s struggle for autocephaly, and for us a symbol of loyalty and strength of our families,” he wrote in the Telegram.Ally of Mr. Poroshenko for the parliamentary faction of “European solidarity” Alexey Goncharenko more creatively approached the greeting. In addition, he reminded about the upcoming local elections in the autumn, during which the people of Kiev will elect a new mayor and new city Council. Mr. Goncharenko called “never to vote for those who have a PR in the bus”, and did it sitting on the back seat of the Kiev bus.At the end of the video he asks sitting in front of his passenger to give the driver money for the fare and says he pays not only for himself, but for some Kohl. It was a clear hint of the businessman and the Deputy from “Servants of the people” Nikolay Tishchenko, who a few days ago, I rode in Kiev the bus, he said, to determine the conditions in which forced to move citizens. According to some media reports, he refused to pay the fare, citing his parliamentary status.Before this trip, Mr. Tishchenko was openly declared readiness to run for elections of the mayor and said that waiting for support from the party. He regularly records videos and gives interviews in which he swears if elected to do everything for the capital and said that it needs to manage from Kiev, not people trapped in Kiev in adulthood (the current mayor Vitali Klitschko was born and raised in Kyrgyzstan).While in “the Servant of the people” is not finally decided which of the candidates support in the election of the Metropolitan Chapter. There are several members of the “Servants of the people”, declaring readiness to go for elections if they will support the party. To make the final choice in favor of one of them in the party leadership had planned in the primaries, which hold can’t because of the pandemic and quarantine.It is clear only that, on whoever made a bid party, to defeat this candidate will be very difficult. In second place with 10.6 percent — a former Russian soldier, invited in 2010 to the government of Ukraine Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, Andriy Palchevsky. When Mr. Azarov few months he held the post of Deputy Minister on Affairs of family, youth and sports, has received Ukrainian citizenship. Now the former official conducts television shows and owns several companies, including medical “EUROLAB”, which during the election campaign in the spring of 2019 was tested for the presence of drugs Vladimir Zelensky. Five likely candidates from the “public Servants” (in addition to the above in the poll appeared, the deputies Elena Shulyak and Andriy Cold, but there was no Victor Lyashko) collectively scored 26.5 per cent support from those who have already decided on the choice.