Who wants an autograph from Nati Youngster Denis Zakaria or a Selfie with Goalie Yann Sommer, who was to have last week after Gladbach travel. Since the Fans get their hero after virtually every workout, very close. Summer, Zakaria and your colleagues back in the Nati, look Nati Fans in the tube. You hardly come in the proximity of their Stars.

The national team trained behind closed doors. Each And Every Day. On Monday and Tuesday at the Letzigrund. On Wednesday and Friday in Dublin. Then on Saturday, also in Montreux.

Helps the rest really?

coach Vladimir Petkovic to batten down the hatches and shields his players from the Public. Why? “Between the Arrival of the players on Monday and the flight to Dublin a little more than 24 hours. In this short period of time, it was necessary to work as efficiently as possible and gives us the optimal the game in Ireland and prepare for what is, ultimately, in the spirit of the Fans,” says the media Responsible Stefan Baumgartner. “If we train the public, we want to us in the connection – as already happened in the past can take time for the Fans and you for your support return. This time that would have been not guaranteed.”

The players were concentrated in the matter, when no Fans are present, Petkovic said once.

“haven’t seen the player”

to be sealed off away from the training course of the footballer. The trailer, which afford one of the exclusive seats in the national Charter, the Nati-to see the Stars hardly.

you pay for the Arrangement about 1600 francs, but when the national team arrives entourage on the Bus, they will sit with the representatives of the media long ago in the Swiss machine. During the flight, the curtain is drawn.

After landing, the same thing, only in reverse order: First, the national team leaves the machine, then their Fans. A Nati Fan at the baggage carousel: “Depressingly, we have not seen the player.”

How to make it actually, our neighbors? In Austria, the major part of the training for the Fans and the media is open to the public.
In Germany, it is a little more complicated. Because the training for the population are open to the public to come in droves. 30’000 Fans who watched the Team of Jogi Löw in Aachen train.

The LOOK says: Fans the wrong way is to lock yourself out!

The European football championship 2020 will be quite different: for the First time, the EM of more than two Nations will be played. 24 Teams compete in 13 venues for the coveted championship title. Semi-finals and Final will take place in London’s Wembley stadium.