the Main celebration, the German plans of the organizers, was scheduled for two cities: Bonn, where a future classic was born, I know “Well-tempered clavier” by Bach, learned the intricacies of the organ and wrote the first marching variations, and the Bohemian vein, which is associated with the flourishing of art and later years Ludwig. In the early spring from Bonn to the Danube water was supposed to go music “Beethoven cargo ship”. Before under the name “Jenny” he was carrying European river coal, but now gathered onboard virtuoso musicians, who were preparing for the honorary mission – to praise Beethoven for the whole route.

However, intervened invincible rock, chasing life and the composer himself. 12 March on the Rhine on Board the newly christened vessel broke a bottle of champagne, and already a day later it was announced that the musicians remain on the shore, the voyage is cancelled. And along with it, nearly 300 events, including scheduled for September of this year, a Grand concert of the Bonn Symphony orchestra Beethoven and his Viennese colleagues, who were supposed to synchronously perform the main works of the composer.

And yet, Beethoven was overcome by a “crown”. The Foundation that runs the celebration, decided to extend the jubilee year until the fall 2021-th. According to Malta Becker, Director of the Beethoven House (located in Bonn on the street where the composer was born, keeps a unique collection of artifacts and archival materials related to his life, a private chamber concert hall and a publishing house), enforced isolation even gave the holiday an unexpected edge.

Just from the concert stage willfully Beethoven inadvertantly moved the people on the balconies and in the playlists of mobile applications, where a challenge to the circumstances, just like in life. It is very symbolic, because Beethoven always showed indomitable will and optimism, reminiscent of Becker, with enthusiasm Takahashi a track to record the classic to the phone. In Germany no doubt: the famous Beethoven’s “Ode to joy” (4th movement of the Symphony No. 9, announced in 1972, the official anthem of the EU) still breaks out, and with a new fervor and passion.

Beethoven, inspired by Schiller’s line “Men should be brothers among themselves”, saying: “Ode to joy” as a drinking song. And she Ninth Symphony, the premiere of which he conducted the orchestra, already deprived of hearing, was the first musical work included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.