François Bayrou has assured this Sunday that he had ” no desire to become a minister, while defending the time taken by Emmanuel Macron to proceed with the government reshuffle. “It turns out that I have no desire to become a minister, it is simple, it is clear “, said at the Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro-LCI president of the MoDem, who was briefly the minister of Justice at the beginning of the mandate of Emmanuel Macron.

François Bayrou, 67 years old, had resigned on 21 June 2017 after the opening of an investigation by the justice on the job fictitious alleged at the european Parliament. A case in which today it says “nothing to ask” and “respect” the course of justice. Support of the candidate Macron for the presidential election, the mayor of Pau continues today to defend the president’s action, with which he has ” the chance to talk to almost every day “.

Mixture of experience and novelty

Regarding the redesign, that has been slow to materialize twelve days after the resignation a dramatic Interior minister Gérard Collomb, the leader of a centrist believes that “the president of the Republic wanted to take the time and perspective necessary to restore order in minds” in the face of a ” storm of assumptions, comments and pronouncements crazy “.

“It is the opposite” of the ” excitement “, said François Bayrou, citing the example of François Mitterrand. He highlighted the refusal of the president to yield to the “pressure” and his willingness to do the sorting between ” accessory “, that is to say the “hustle and bustle” of the microcosm, and the “bulk” that are “missions” that are the responsibility of the government.

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“I can assure you that in the streets of Pau in the pyrenean valleys, no one has this restlessness that you describe,” said the Béarnais. Believing that the president Macron and Prime minister Edward Philip were on the same line, he advocated for a mix of experience and novelty in order to cope with the future government. Knowing that there is ” no doubt that the rupture introduced by the election of Emmanuel Macron in the spring has rarefied personalities with experience and increased the number of new shoots “.

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