On the Centre Court of Wimbledon is distributed in the favor of the Fans on Sunday. Roger Federer (37) is the darling of the Fans. In the Final against eventual winner Novak Djokovic (32) fires a large majority of the 15’000 viewers in Switzerland and eight times Wimbledon Champion.

the culmination of The ill will is done, as Djokovic is complaining to the chair-Ref Damian Steiner for a Hawk-Eye Challenge and booed. During the whole match the Fans applaud even when unerzwungenen errors of the Serbs, in part, there was also whistles.

Despite the significant unpopularity Djokovic keeps up the pressure and win even after two fended off match balls. His Ex-Trainer, BBC-expert and three-times Wimbledon winner Boris Becker (51) praises him for it in the “BBC”: “It is the point where you’re frustrated comes. But I think it is handled well, and was mentally well prepared.”

Fans have to the Size of Djokovic’s respect

The German demands after the Triumph Djokovic’s but more respect for its achievements and criticized the Fans for their behavior. “Federer is the Greatest of all times and has the right to receive this love. But on the other hand, you have to respect a four-time Champion a little more,” says Becker. After 16 Major titles and the Fans would have to finally acknowledge the greatness of Novak Djokovic.

On Monday night, Becker makes explicitly to Federer. He praises him with a Instagram post, and writes: “Roger Federer played one of the best Finals of all time, lost and showed true sportsmanship, character and spirit. Such as you, there is no more. #goat” (rib)