the law Firm Bech-Bruun rejects, to the company’s advice of a German bank could be used to cheat.

Excise raises the claim of a triple digit million amount from the law firm Bech-Bruun, in the case of fraud with the dividend tax.

It informs the agency in a press release Thursday.

According to the tax administration, advising the law firm of a foreign bank, who wrongly got reimbursed the tax by the Danish shareholder revenues.

Both the tax administration and the state attorney – Attorney general – believes that the law firm in this way has contributed to the fraud.

On its website, confirming the law firm Bech-Bruun, that it has received a payment claim from the Attorney.

In the press release writing tax administration, there is a three-digit million amount. According to sounds the requirement of around 750 million kroner.

the Requirement is due to the law firm advising the German bank of the North Channel Bank.

the Bank acknowledged last year, aggravated fraud, and aiding and abetting fraud against the Danish state for 1.1 billion dollars. The bank was at the Court in Glostrup, in september, sentenced to a fine of 110 million crowns.

the law Firm has been given ten days to pay the three-digit millions. If this is not done, the company will be the regatta.

Bech-Bruun rejects on its website that the company has done something wrong.

– It is obvious that no lawyer in Bech-Bruun would deliver an opinion to the bank (or in the whole, advise any client), if there had been the slightest suspicion that the bank (or the client) would make themselves guilty of fraud with fictitious profits and fictitious shares, writes the law firm.

Bech-Bruun stresses that the North Channel Bank pleaded guilty to have done anything else, than the bank in 2014 asked the company lawyers to assess.

– Our advice of the German bank could not be used for fraud, sounds on Bech-Bruun’s website.

Fraud with dividend tax stood at from 2012 to 2015 and has been called the biggest skattetyveri.

By the use of the fictitious shareholdings and forged documentation, it succeeded a number of actors to draining the Danish treasury more than $ 12 billion.

the tax administration assesses on an ongoing basis, of whether there can be a claim against all parties involved in the case, including to consultants in sagskomplekset.

– Our task is to get as many of the 12.7 billion dollars home to the Danish treasury as possible. We are working all the time hard on, says Steen Bechmann Jacobsen, technical director in the Special Control in the tax administration, in the press release.