As the head of the Swiss mattress manufacturer Roviva Peter Patrik Roth (48) gave himself as a clean man. Suit, Tie, Toothpaste Smile.

Even more disturbing, his Instagram pictures, the last week had made the headlines. Where the 48-Year-old in sports clothing with hidden neo-Nazi symbols, posing. And not only this: Roth earned also dresses with the questionable.

But that is over now! Roth leaves the Fighttex AG, Lotzwil, BE – the company that also distributes products from White Rex. The fashion brand aimed at martial artists, who believe in the Superiority of the white race.

“Mr. Roth is out, in the name of God”

the Board of Directors and managing Director of the Fighttex Florian Gerber, Deputy Pnos-Chairman. He confirmed to Radio “SRF”: “We have a solution. This solution is now approved in the evening. Mr. Roth is out, in the name of God.”

And he says: “He has given the money, as an Investor, with day-to-day business, he has nothing on the hat. I’m sorry that he’s been affected.”

After all the vertebrae go Roth bad. He abandons not only the dresses-company, but also occurs from the the Board of the economic Association of upper Aargau. He announced yesterday itself, such as “SRF” reported.

wreath transducer Orlik distanced himself from Roviva

the neo-Nazi accusations to draw more circles. The Bündner wreath transducer Curdin Orlik had distanced himself last week from his Sponsor Roviva. He wanted to have anything to do with him. “I condemn any right it may have extreme ideas, and also the display of such symbols,” says Orlik opposite VIEW.

appearances thinks Like Roth himself about the consequences, and his Internet is unclear. A request from a VIEW, it left unanswered until now. (jmh)