Because of the problems the world championship on bandy in Pingaree miss team UK

the national team of great Britain hockey with the ball fail to come to Irkutsk for the participation in the world Championship on hockey. This was reported by the press service of the government of the Angara.

the Reason for this was the difficulty with the paperwork for the players because of the British exit from the EU.

This is the second team that will not take part in the Championship. Informed about the nonparticipation announced the national team of China. The reason for this was the epidemic of coronavirus in China.

meanwhile the first team have already arrived in Irkutsk and starts the first exercise. This is the national team of Mongolia, who will train at the stadium “Zenit”.

Recall, the teams ‘ group will be held from 1 to 6 March at the stadium “Trud”, “Record”, “Zenith” and “the Metallurgist” (Shelekhov). They will be attended by 10 national teams: the Netherlands, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Switzerland, Japan, Latvia, Slovakia, Somalia, Mongolia. The final will be held at the stadium “Trud”, there will be fight for the third place in the group. The opening games of the group will be held at “Work”.