In view of the food crisis in parts of Africa, the United States wants to enter into a strategic partnership with the African Union.

The US is planning to partner with the African Union because of the food crisis in parts of Africa. “We are joining forces to create a more resilient food system and to improve the way communities grow, sell and buy their own food,” said US President Joe Biden at the end of a summit with African leaders on Thursday heads of government in Washington.

This also includes investments in infrastructure that promote sustainable food security, as well as improvements in irrigation or grain storage. It is also working with the private sector to expand investment in fertilizers, among other things.

The effects of the corona pandemic, the climate crisis, rising energy prices and conflicts, above all the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, had interrupted global supply chains and caused global food prices to rise drastically. The Ukraine war and blocked shipments of millions of tons of grain have further increased the risk of famine in the Horn of Africa. In Somalia in particular, millions of people are at risk of starvation because of an unprecedented drought.