Jaime Pressly (42) got a Instagram criticism for a Statement about their children. The actress, who is mother of three sons, wrote to a photo, with their son, Dezi (12): “the Best time with my favorite son, Dezi. Exactly, I have said. I have a favorite son, although I love all three of my boys with everything I carry in me.”

“My Name Is Earl”Star writes: “Dezi and I have a special connection that nobody will ever get, because we are all grown up.” In addition to the twelve-year-old Dezi she has) with her boyfriend Hamzi Hijazi the twins Leo and Lenon (1. That Pressly communicate in an open way, that she has a favorite son, is for many of their Fans is incomprehensible.

“This is a stupid statement, if you have other children. How the must feel, when you hear,” writes a User. “I would say that out of fear that my other children do not feel appreciated, never. I believe that parents have a favorite child, but we should not say it. It could be for the other children emotionally difficult,” reads a comment.

“The other guys do, I’m sorry”

“I hate it when people say that. The other guys, I’m sorry. So sad,” writes one User. “I sincerely hope, that you really feel that way. And if it is, why you use social media? Please tell me this is a joke,” said a Fan. “To me, your other two guys to be sorry for. I can’t imagine what that does for you. The heart is fracturing,” is a comment. “My mother had a favorite. You never said it, but I always knew it. I’m glad she didn’t say who it is,” said a User.

Other Fans, some of which are parents themselves, understand the statement of “Not another teen movie!”-Actress. “I think any mother who says she has no favorites. I love my children all equally, but my Smallest is my favorite child. We are so similar and have a special connection,” writes a Fan. “Everyone loves his first-born the most. This is a universal parent mystery,” said another User. (kad)