Because of the coronavirus cafe in Moscow to change the rules of service

due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus Moscow restaurants have made adjustments to their work. Some institutions temporarily refused to receive guests and deal only with the delivery of food. Well, those cafes and eateries that have decided not to close for the safety of the visitors change the rules of the service.

Restaurateurs already noted a significant decrease in the number of visitors because of fears of Muscovites to be infected with the coronavirus, visiting public places. Especially for safety of visitors of cafes and restaurants, the Ministry of industry has developed special rules that from March 18 should be observed in food service establishments. The main requirement is that visitors should not sit closely. To do this, change the arrangement of tables, so that guests dining there were at least a meter away from each other.

“the attitude of the staff introduced additional protective measures they use masks when coming to the restaurant to measure the temperature,” says Andrew Borovsky, chief operating officer of the restaurant chain.

in addition, this rule is valid not the first day, before the visitor of the restaurant will be invited to the table, you need to be sure to wash your hands with soap and treating them with antiseptic. Guests with signs of respiratory disease are just not allowed in the restaurant. And people over the age of 60 are advised to refrain from visiting catering establishments. Thorough sanitization of the dining halls is required.

Now in restaurants come mostly regulars, profits fell several times. Therefore, the Association of restaurateurs sent a letter to the government asking to take measures to support the business.

Some restaurants already have switched to the format exclusively food delivery. The increase in the number of orders for the building amounted to more than 20 percent. And experts predict that in the near future the number of orders for delivery will only increase. Why restaurants are expanding staff of couriers, as well as enter special service “contactlessy delivery” when the order left at the door without exposing thereby no courier, no customer of the risk of Contracting.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”