The process between Johnny Depp (58) and Amber Heard (36) is still going on. Numerous colleagues, friends and former business partners testified on Thursday. Suddenly, a man who testified at the trial weeks ago became an issue: Dr. David Kipper.

Johnny Depp’s private doctor was mentioned in several statements – he didn’t get away well. First testified was Bruce Witkin, who was a close friend of the actor for almost 40 years.

Witkin first opened up about possible violence in Depp and Heard’s relationship, then testified about the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s alcohol and drug use. “I loved the guy,” Witkin said. “I was worried about him and that Doctor Kipper. I didn’t trust this guy.” His theory: Depp’s private doctor was a “swindler”.

But that’s not all. Depp’s former business partner and fund manager Joel Mandel also gave an interesting insight into the relationship between Depp and Kipper. The salary that the actor paid his doctor is said to have been princely.

Kipper is said to have received $100,000 a month from Depp. But Kipper, whom he hired in 2014, helped him with his addiction problems. He also assigned a nurse, Debbie Lloyd, to Depp, and another to his then-wife Heard. Depp himself said he became addicted to opinoids after suffering a leg injury.

Kipper himself did not comment on these issues in his statement on April 19. Instead, the big subject of his testimony was an argument between Depp and Heard that cost the actor a fingertip. However, he was also unable to clarify exactly how the dome was lost, which nurse Lloyd later found on the kitchen floor.

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