For the weekend are fashionable wonderful weather and temperatures of up to 20 degrees. So the barbecue out of the basement, the Cabriolet out of the Garage, or a first sunbathing on the lake. As spring fever coming on!

forget What thereat many countries: In the mountains a lot of snow, the conditions on the slopes of this country are magnificent. This shows a survey of Swiss ski resorts.

Up to 2.5 metres of snow

Stefan Reichmuth of the mountain Railways Arosa, GR: “Now, where the temperatures are a bit colder than last weekend, one has the feeling that one is in the middle of February.” In Arosa and Lenzerheide GR a metre of snow in the village still. “In the winter sports area it has between 2 and 2.5 feet of snow,” says Reichmuth.

42 of 43 systems are in operation 206 of 225 km of pistes open. “All the slopes are open and to ride very well,” he says. Spring bargains are in these conditions is not necessary.

accommodations for spontaneous

“Since we work with dynamic rates, which are defined exclusively according to the demand and this is not quite as high, there are more attractive offers,” says Reichmuth. And: “For vacations in Arosa as well as in Lenzerheide, at any time, a property.”

The Arosa resort Director Pascal Jenny comes into raptures. “We have the best snow conditions. Swings are worth double, because it is no longer bright and the sun is shining.”

360 kilometres of pistes in Zermatt

“snow good!” also reports Zermatt tourism. In the village of 10 centimeters, on the mountain there are 2 meters. All 52 lanes are open, winter sports enthusiasts can let off steam on 360 km of pistes.

And the prices? “The decline now, thanks to the Dynamic Pricing. Since the 17th century. March lower prices on ski passes. From the 14. April be this cheap again,” says Simona Altweg to VIEW. Spontaneous would find, in spite of the high utilization of about 90 per cent of a property.

97 percent of the slopes are groomed

Exactly is measured in Davos, GR: “In place of 113 inches of snow, on the mountains of 278 centimeters,” weiss Samuel Rosenast of Davos tourism. Over 90 percent of the lifts were opened, 97 percent of the slopes are groomed.

“are The booking stands very pleasing. The result of the last Top-winter will be surpassed this Winter is expected to be again,” says Rosenast.

All runs down to resort open

Well, it also looks in Laax GR. “All the lifts and all the slopes are open,” says Christina Ragettli of Laax tourism. There was so much snow that the five slopes were open, and in a “very good condition”. Currently, 110 to 140 percent more snow than usual, at a 21. April.

spring is a bargain you are looking for in Laax, still in vain. “Since 100 percent of the plants are open, we have no off-season prices on offer,” Ragettli. “For March we are booked relatively well, but there is still capacity.”

runways earlier

opened As it looks in Grindelwald and Wengen? “The snow situation is excellent”, says Patrizia Bickel of the Jungfrau Railways. All the facilities were open. “On the weekend is possible for individual installations in the area, Grindelwald, open-Wengen because of the perfect weather prospects even earlier,” she says.

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