Pop singer Michelle cannot go through with her upcoming autumn tour due to health problems. Doctors have forbidden her performances lasting several hours. Their 30th anniversary tour will still go ahead. The alternative dates have already been announced.

Bad news for all Michelle fans: the pop singer has to cancel her planned tour for this year. In an Instagram statement, the 50-year-old addresses her fans and gives them an insight into her current state of health. After the two-year pandemic break, the singer wanted to celebrate her stage comeback with her “30 years, that’s it – not yet” anniversary tour. The start would be September 30th in Düsseldorf. But three weeks before the start of the tour, the pop singer has to cancel her autumn tour – the reason is back problems.

It was not until spring that the singer danced her way into the hearts of the audience on the popular RTL show “Let’s Dance”. But during the show, the 50-year-old was struggling with health problems and could only stand on the dance floor under strong medication, as “watson” reported. Before the sixth show, the hit star had to leave the show early – on the advice of the doctors.

Although Michelle was confident about the upcoming tour during her “Let’s Dance” time, that now seems to have changed. In her statement, the 50-year-old explains: “In the last few weeks, the pain has gotten stronger from time to time […] but without numerous pain therapies I would not have been able to pull through a single performance.” She adds: “My doctors have given me several hours Performances and concerts with dance routines, as planned several times a week during a tour, are strictly prohibited, which is why we have now broken off the tour preparations”. The crooner wants to retire in the coming weeks and give her body rest to avoid surgery.

Good news for your fans: Alternative dates have already been announced for some cities. In the spring of 2023, pop singer Michelle would like to do it again and really go through with her anniversary tour – it will start on March 4th, 2023 in Stuttgart. The tickets already purchased remain valid, according to the singer.

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