Bank customers are once again being targeted by fraudsters. As the savings bank itself currently writes on Twitter, there is a new perfidious scam in circulation. In SMS messages, the victims are told that the bank would now switch to “pushTAN 2.0”. Customers would therefore have to click on a link in the SMS in order to verify their data on the website that then opens.

As so often lately, this is a phishing scam. The data you provide on the fake Sparkasse website will most likely end up directly in the hands of the scammers. You can then register them with expensive subscription services, for example. In the worst case, there is even a risk of loss of money.

Last week we reported on a series of scams targeting bank customers Sparkasse, ING, DKB and Volksbanken. You can read more about the topic here.

According to the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, insurance brokers report that Allianz wants to get rid of hundreds of medium-sized companies by increasing prices by up to 400 percent. Property insurance, which companies use to protect themselves against fire, storm damage and business interruption, is affected.

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