It started with the “ZDF Magazin Royale” issue on December 2nd. In it, Jan Böhmermann made transphobia a topic.

“It’s not about being trans, it’s about transphobia,” claims Böhmermann on his late-night show. Almost unanimously, Alice Schwarzer and other “trans-exclusive radical feminists”, right-wing conservative publicists and AfD politicians allegedly deny trans people the right to exist. “Transphobia welds together,” commented the satirist, and even established a commonality between so-called “Terf” (trans-exclusive radical feminists) and “AfD fascists”.

Böhmermann chose the term as the “hashtag of the week”.

Women who see the Self-Determination Act critically, a “shit pile”? Böhmermann received a shit storm in the social media for this, he would describe women as “shit piles”. But it also garnered approval, including from Sven Lehmann, the federal government’s queer commissioner, who shared the post on Twitter and wrote “terrific post.”

This has now brought the “Gender Matters” initiative to the scene. She is demanding that Federal President Steinmeier and Chancellor Scholz dismiss the state secretary, as reported by the magazine “Emma”. “With the request to follow his hashtag ‘turds’, Böhmermann repeatedly advertises in his show hateful, slobbering for the dissemination of his contribution to the dehumanization of these women on the Internet,” says the letter to Scholz and Steinmeier.

And further: “Sven Lehmann’s enthusiastic approval of this contribution, which consists primarily of defamation, devaluation and insults against women, is up to your assessment, as Lehmann is Parliamentary State Secretary in a public-law official relationship with the federal government.”

German real estate prices are likely to fall by eight percent in 2023. Anyone who buys now must therefore plan for the long term. Otherwise he could lose tens of thousands of euros.

The federal and state governments finally agree – the Germany ticket for local transport is coming. However, there are still open questions. You can read the statements by Scholz, Weil and Wüsten here in the minutes.