The European Central Bank (ECB) is heading for the first rate hike in many years. An end to the net purchases of securities is to be expected “very early” in the third quarter, wrote ECB President Christine Lagarde in an article on the central bank’s website.

This would allow for a first interest rate hike in July, the Frenchwoman continued. From today’s perspective, key interest rates could then leave negative territory at the end of the third quarter.

The central bank’s deposit rate, which applies to bank deposits with the central bank, is currently minus 0.5 percent. The main refinancing interest rate, which for a long time was considered the key interest rate but has been overshadowed by the deposit rate in recent years, is on the zero line.

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Lagarde justified the prospect of rising interest rates primarily with high inflation. This recently rose to a record high of 7.4 percent in the euro zone. Further interest rate hikes depend on the inflation outlook: If inflation stabilizes at two percent in the medium term, a gradual further interest rate normalization is appropriate, explained Lagarde. “However, the pace and overall extent of the adjustment cannot be determined in advance.”

According to experts, the increased occurrence of monkeypox in numerous countries outside of Africa is unusual. In response to the viral disease, Belgium is now the first country in the world to introduce a quarantine requirement for infected people.

According to a Putin adviser, Russia is ready for new negotiations while Ukraine is again reporting civilian casualties. Meanwhile, President Zelenskyy wants to work on contacts with neighboring countries. What happened on Monday night.

Due to a lack of patents, the district court in Munich has imposed a Germany-wide sales and production ban on the car manufacturer Ford. Cars that are at dealers are also threatened with destruction.