Because of coronavirus in the country are failing in mooring the vessel Westerdam

135 infected with coronavirus passengers remain on Board the ship Diamond Princess off the coast of Japan. Quarantine service evacuate infected, elderly and chronically sick people. Do this slowly, so many people already complain that they lack medicines and basic necessities. None of the 24 Russians on Board in the category of elderly people or chronic carriers of disease from entering. Not among them and the infected. So they all remain in their cabins onboard Diamond Princess. While the quarantine is in effect until February 19. And the other ship – Westerdam — and coronavirus can not have a week and a half to beach. The fact is that the authorities of several countries are failing in mooring.

Liner Westerdam left the port of Hong Kong on 1 February. That is, there were no signs of negative development of events. But because of the General panic about the fashion industry, the cruise was ruined. On Board of 1455 passengers and 802 crew members. In the open sea they do not remain anything, except how to complain to Twitter.

“the Liner Westerdam need help from the U.S. government. 600 Americans stuck in the sea, including my daughter who needs medical care.”

According to the captain and owners, coronavirus on the ship no one is infected. However, the liner can not find shelter. The mooring refused Japan, while on Board 4 citizens of this country. Refused to Taiwan, Manila and GUAM. There was hope in Thailand, where the ship was planned to arrive on the day.

the world health organization invited local doctors to go on Board and inspect the passengers before allowing them to come down to earth. Many travellers after the news rebook plane tickets. However, they were a new disappointment. The government of Thailand announced that it would not take the risk and give the liner a “good” for mooring. Instead, the Kingdom promised to provide ship assistance in the form of medicines, fuel and food.

“Most cruise ships have reserves of food and water for up to four weeks. The ships have launchers, which produce fresh water. If you want to deliver food, medicines – can other ships or even helicopters,” — said the lawyer, expert in Maritime law Gregory Krasovsky.

Cruise liner Westerdam like a floating city with all amenities. On the lower deck is mostly cabins, but also a concert hall and recreational areas. The second is the auditorium, slot machines, night club, disco, bar, jazz club, art gallery.

On the third floor – restaurant and shops. The next few decks are occupied by cabins. At the ninth – Spa, fitness center, swimming pool. In the tenth, a basketball court, a kids club and a feature of this liner – sliding roof. But in the most comfortable conditions can become uncomfortable if to leave this ship does not.

“the passengers may be the origin of phobias or panic attacks. Especially those who ever suffered this. The crew doubly difficult. They have to withstand the stress of passengers. If there is panic, this is infecting the time. It can spread to the whole ship,” commented the psychologist Irina Koishybaeva.

this is the second week, people on the ship Westerdam’t seen solid earth and wonder, when I see it. This cruise is scheduled to end on 15 February, but risks to be delayed for a longer period.