You could almost think that the battered earth hits back with a Virus …

satellite of the Nasa and Esa for the Monitoring of environmental pollution have found in China a drastic decline in the Stickstoffdioxids NO2 in the air. researchers at the Erdobservatoriums the Nasa report, there are indications that the improvement in air quality is related to the outbreak of the Coronavirus together.

strictly speaking, with the economic standstill, the China since the end of January experienced. In the Nasa report scientist Fei Liu of the Goddard Space Flight Center, says: “It is the first Time in many years that we are experiencing a dramatic decline in such a vast area.”

Wuhan: The city is cut off and is lame – the people suffer, but the air quality is improved increasingly, photo: Arek Rataj / AP Photo / dpa Beijing: Where otherwise the mass of tourists and Locals are rolling on the streets, there is currently empty photo: NICOLAS ASFOURI / AFP