The finale of “Let’s Dance” takes place without presenter Daniel Hartwich, who is unfortunately absent due to illness. RTL has already provided a replacement. It’s not the first time that Hartwich has had to pass – even then said colleague replaced him.

Moderator Daniel Hartwich (43) fails for the finale of “Let’s Dance”. RTL announced this on Friday. Hartwich is ill and therefore cannot be present at the showdown.

However, the TV broadcaster has already announced who will replace Hartwich alongside fellow moderator Victoria Swarovski (28). It is Jan Köppen (39), known among other things as the moderator of “Ninja Warrior Germany”.

His first appearance on “Let’s Dance” is not the finale. Köppen stepped in for Hartwich in the fifth live show, who was suffering from Corona at the time and failed. Because the ex-jungle camp moderator is missing this time too, the Swarowski/Köppen duo is making a comeback.

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