you should merge just for a few days. Nevertheless, Fabian T.* (32) falls in love with this summer, reported to be immortal in his supposed dream woman, the foreign service employee Jennifer F.* (25 VIEWS).

That he, himself, does not prevent married and the father of several children, the Eastern Swiss on it. Quite the contrary: He harassed his object of desire first throes of Love and in the storm, ringing of the place of residence.

After that, Fabian T. over telephone terror (118 calls within a half hour) increases up to death threats. That his beloved, for its part, in a relationship with a woman, he can not accept.

father-in-law confirmed out of throwing

Probably this is the reason why T. announces, according to a RES judicata, criminal command of the investigation office, Altstätten, to want a sex change to undergo.

He wanted to pull off Jennifer F. in the face, so that he could see when he look in the mirror. If he could not have it, should you have no one.

Only After the victim to the police has changed, it’s the Stalker now, even to the collar. His wife Fiona T.* (27) has thrown him under the, apparently, from the common Home in Necktertal SG.

“He lives for the time being with my daughter,” says the father to VIEW. Further, he does not want to comment on its actions. The father-in-law but reveals: “He comes from difficult circumstances and had in the past mental health problems.”

weapons despite mental health problems?

This assessment fit into the picture. So Fabian T. used this summer, a photo of yourself with blood mass of bloodstained face as your profile picture. All the more surprising at it seems to be that the Stalker up to a house search, at the 22. August has a small Arsenal of weapons.

The investigators take a Samurai and a sword, an army assault rifle including the bolt, a 8mm small-caliber gun and two airsoft guns including ammunition, had possessed Fabian T. until then, it’s legal.

“I’ve had these weapons for the Fun of it”, justifies the person to VIEW. The search of the house he had also taken the occasion to his wife to pour pure wine. “I told her completely open to the whole truth.”

So, Fabian T. speaks out

A colleague of Fiona T. suspected, however, that the Stalker and his wife has just “served his Version”. Because Fabian T. indicates that the order of punishment for abuse of a telecommunications system, threats and attempted coercion to accept, but denies the substantial part of the allegations.

Just because he lack the financial means, he will not contest the condemnation of 100 daily rates of 80 Swiss francs on probation and the buses of 500 Swiss francs is expected.

T. is to have Jennifer F. crush. “But I have never threatened her face off or kill you. Which she invented, because she loves horror movies!” He himself, Fabian T. is indeed “a little crazy”, his victim Jennifer F. ill, however, “definitely”. Anyway, he was all the time “fall” drunk.

“Hopefully it is this Crazy running pass!”

the little excuses, the fact that the seven year marriage of Fabian and Fiona T. was apparently already longer no good star more. “You stayed, especially with him, because she wanted her children to grow up in a family,” says the colleague of the horned wife.

Fabian T. describes the relationship crisis in the text messages to be victims of Stalking. Fiona hate to love him, and consider him a “hell hound”, laments he. Now the colleague is hoping to Wake up from Fiona: “I hope you are this Crazy, finally, the run-pass!”

Fiona T. could not be reached for comment. Fabian T. the presumption of innocence still applies.

*names have been changed