A father from the USA wins a huge lottery prize and gets into a lot of trouble with his relatives.

Little money – big problems. But even a lot of money sometimes brings big problems, as a lottery winner now found out. A man from the US state of Maine cracked the gigantic lottery jackpot worth the equivalent of 1.246 billion euros and is now in legal trouble with his family.

His relatives claim that he withheld the promised share of the profits from them and have sued him. Among other things, he is said to have promised to set up a trust account worth millions and pay for his father’s medical expenses, reports the New York Post.

The man bought the winning ticket in January last year and, according to the report, he has been in a legal dispute with the mother of his daughter since November. He accuses her of breaking a confidentiality agreement by informing the rest of the family about his sudden wealth before their daughter was 18.

The mother counters that it was not she, but he himself who told his family about the historic win. She is supported by the winner’s father, who confirms this statement and adds that his son made many generous promises – without ever being asked.

Among other things, the son offered to build a workshop for his father to restore old cars, buy his parents’ house, set up a trust account with assets of one million dollars and cover the future medical costs for his father and stepmother.

But despite his financial means, according to his father, he never kept any of his promises. He also broke off contact with him. “I said to him, you are not the son I knew,” said the disappointed father.

The lucky winner definitely has to give something to the state: In the USA, US citizens are charged 25 percent capital gains tax (federal tax) on lottery winnings of over $5,000.

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