the Duchess Meghan (38) appeared in the ITV documentary, “Harry and Meghan – an African Journey” vulnerable. She admitted that the past few months, and the constant criticism of “a fight” were. “It was hard,” said the Duchess. The Doc was recorded at the end of September on the trip to Africa of Meghan and Prince Harry (35). Thousands of Fans spoke to the Duchess after the airing of the film under the Hashtag #weloveyou Meghan your support.

However, not all spectators Meghan gave their statements about the dark side of Royal life for pity. The controversial American activist Candace Owens (30), the politically involved as a big supporter of US President Donald Trump (73), shoots in the case of Twitter against Meghan and Harry. “It is offensive to use African children as a Background, to complain about your überprivilegiertes life,” explains Owens. “Meghan Markle is a witch. Harry is under your spell.”

“Downright disgusting”

Also, Harry in the Doc makes the press for the death of his mother, Princess Diana (†36) is responsible, sentenced the conservative activist. She writes on Twitter: “to invoke the tragic death of his own mother, to the press not to criticize your hypocritical woman, is downright disgusting.” Owens falls in the US again and again with controversial Statements. The activist, who is viewed by the U.S. press as the “extremely right”, represents the opinion that there is no such thing as racism against Black people.

“don’t Be surprised if everywhere are Paparazzi – you’re a Royal”

Not only Owens criticized the Royal Couple: US-talk master, Wendy Williams (55) shoots against Meghan. In their mission, Williams said on Tuesday: “Meghan Markle, no one has pity with you. Did you know what you’re getting into. Don’t try to get sympathy from us. Did you know what you’re doing.” Williams explains that they have nothing against Meghan and Harry. “I like the two of them. But don’t be surprised if everywhere are Paparazzi – you’re a Royal.”

Meghan and Harry have “monarchy alone

modernized” in The statements of Meghan and Harry, who were detained in the Doc, offset Prince William (37) and the rest of the Royals are reportedly in custody. Max Foster, Royal expert and a presenter at “CNN”, says a source from the environment by Meghan and Harry, the Royal family to show a little appreciation for the work of the couple. The two have modernized the “monarchy alone”. The Royals would be afraid of a loud source in front of it, or don’t know how to take advantage of the value of such a couple. (kad)