“We want to prevent tens of thousands of unemployed it.” Finance Minister Ueli Maurer (69 SVP) wants to keep the 20-billion loan package, in particular the thousands of SMEs in the bankruptcy. Including many self-employed people, standing in the Corona of a crisis without social safety nets.

interest-free loans of up to half a Million Swiss francs, up to 196 francs Corona-the purchase of a replacement or a monthly Wage loss payment of 3320 francs per month – the Federal Council wants to entrepreneurs, non-bureaucratic, all-Alone, I-help AGs and trader.

The money is just responding

the Federal Council so quickly, it had the credit of, says Michele Blasucci (46), managing Director of the Foundation platform Startups.ch. However, the functioning of the financial injections for all?

Blasucci: “The money is never enough for an entrepreneur with a family.” For fixed costs such as business rent, insurance and food is not sufficient. Rent or mortgage interest to get it, it’ll closely.

Those entrepreneurs who lead an AG or GmbH and the self-employed, a paid, although for many years in the AHV and unemployment insurance, but now – unlike their employees on short-time working – only 3320 francs per month.

The Confederation speaks of the exception situation,

The justification of the Federal government: “There are a lot of people who pay significantly more social security contributions than they will receive the pension. This is the principle of a social insurance”, says Boris Zürcher (55), head of the labour Directorate in the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco).

In normal times, employees in the employer were not entitled to “a similar Situation” not to claim. Because of the exceptional position of the Federal government have made an exception.

Whoever gets daily, are probably a better way

entrepreneurs are still being fobbed off so cheap, don’t want to accept Casimir Platzer (58). “What the Federal government is doing, is a travesty,” says of the gastro-Suisse-President.

This he was Economics Minister, Guy Parmelin (60, SVP) informed. “If this amount is enough for the livelihood of the entrepreneurs, one would have to reduce immediately the wages of the chief officers of the Seco on 3320 francs.”

There is another difference in treatment: individual companies – often self-employed lawyers, architects and taxi drivers, the life of their revenue – receive the Corona-purchase a replacement if you have now a Corona-induced failures. Although they do not pay into unemployment insurance, get it now, up to 196 francs per day. This makes the end of the month up to a Maximum of more than the short-time working, compensation for entrepreneurs like Uehlinger. Will need a Deposit paid from the pot of the acquisition compensation, in the all.

This leads to criticism in the policy: “The Federal Council does a very good Job,” said national councillor Jacqueline de Quattro, (59, FDP). “But here the government has to go through the books. It comes to the SMEs, the backbone of our economy.”


threaten the SME loans can not eliminate all the problems. There are a maximum of credit for 10 percent of the annual turnover. A Coiffeur with 150’000 Swiss francs in sales gets a maximum of 15’000 Swiss francs.

And: Is used up the credit, the money is gone, but the debts are still there. Therefore, voices are raised, the Federal government should cover you for a certain amount of time, the operating costs of SMEs – à fonds perdu.


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.