“unfortunately, because of the pandemic coronavirus had to make changes in the scheduled program of celebrating the 75-anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war in Cuba. Public events (exhibitions, concerts and sporting events) is postponed to a later time, when they lifted the restrictive measures,” – said Karimov. However, he said that “some events the representation of Rossotrudnichestvo and the Russian Embassy have been able to hold up to the validity of measures of self-isolation”, including a children’s drawing competition “the Russian and Cuban school children are painting the world” and photo exhibition “Women’s face of Victory”.

However, according to the head of representation “has prepared a new program that will allow you to mark this memorable date on the Island of Freedom.”

“online will host the “Immortal Regiment”. It will be attended by our compatriots and members of the family of missions in Cuba,” – said the representative office of “Rossotrudnichestvo”. Thus the 9 may “the planned ceremony at the memorial to the Soviet soldier-internationalist in a Havana, where the heads of the embassies of Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, and also representatives of the Revolutionary armed forces of Cuba will lay wreaths”. On the territory of the Russian Embassy in Havana will also host the action “Garden of remembrance”, under which in memory of those killed on the fronts of the battles will be planted with trees.

the “Rossotrudnichestvo” said that “thanks to personal assistance of Karen Shakhnazarov managed to organize a stream of a series of films about the great Patriotic war Mosfilm Central Cuban television.”

“the Cuban audience will show the famous classics of Soviet cinema “They fought for the Motherland” and “the cranes are Flying” and Russian film “Star”, “White tiger” and “Road to Berlin” – said Karimov.

“the Representation together with the Embassy school organized contests of the children “Card to the Veteran” and “Candle of Memory”. In the Russian school teaches not only children from Russia and Cuba, but the guys from Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia, which are actively involved in this work”, – said the diplomat.

Speaking about the significance of Victory Day distant Cuba, the representative of “Rossotrudnichestvo” stressed that “the Cuban people with great respect and gratitude refers to the contribution of the Soviet people in the struggle against the fascist plague”.

“Cuba was part of the anti-Hitler coalition and, as far as he could, fought the Nazis. According to military historians of the Island, from two to three thousand Cuban volunteers fought with the Nazis in the composition of the allied forces on the European fronts. But in Cuba the small anti-submarine boats hunted for Nazi submarines. Solidarity with the struggle against Nazi Germany, hundreds of thousands of Cubans expressed in different ways. Thus were created the committees help fighting against invader Soviet people. Tens of thousands of Cubans gathered money, clothes, sugar, tobacco, and foods were sent to distant and then little-known them in the USSR. This movement was voluntary and mass media”, – said Karimov.

According to the diplomat, now the Cubans know more about our country and the exploits of the soldiers of the red Army.

“It happened after the Cuban revolution, when Soviet specialists and military advisers came to the island. Many of them were veterans of war and workers of rear, and by the example of their life stories instilled a respect for our common Victory over Nazism. The impact of literature and cinema. In addition, many Cubans studying in our country, felt the full importance of this event for millions of families in our country,” – said Karimov and also added that “our compatriots, who live in Cuba, are trying to preserve the memory of a young generation of Cuban citizens.”

“the Day of Victory over fascism for Cubans remains an important date each year to remember and celebrate memorable events” – summed up the representative of “Rossotrudnichestvo”.