The exchange of the army, in the civil service should be made more difficult. According to the Council of States, the security policy Commission of the national Council (SIC) has approved a package of measures to do so.

The measures are intended to prevent primarily, that the army Trained lost. The civil service should take – as it is today – one and a half times as long as the military service, however, a minimum of 150 days of Service. The minimum number of extended the service time for those who switch from the first repetition rate.For the officers and non-commissioned officers to re-apply the factor of 1.5. So far, the factor of 1.1 was considered for you. In addition, the Federal Council wants to introduce for the exchange from the army in the civil service, a waiting period of twelve months.Not approved people in the army are no remaining days left to be. Thus, the Federal Council wants to prevent the members of the army to escape without the rest of the days of Service by the exchange in the civil service of the shooting duty.Further, the first application should be made already in the year after admission to the civil service completely. After that, an annual application is compulsory. Persons who have not passed at the time of admission the RS, you will need to complete your civil service application 180 days, at the latest, in the calendar year after the final approval.Not allowed operations that require a started or completed a medical degree to be in the end. Doctors should should not afford more than physicians, civil service. To eliminate the incentive to switch for the purpose of continuing vocational training in the civil service. The new Parliament has a Chance?

The crux of it: In the new national Council – has significantly more Green and much less SVPler – should these Decisions probably prevail hardly so. An evaluation of the Chosen the platform Vimentis close. Accordingly, the consent to the tightening of the rules is only very slightly: Just 51 percent of the new Parliament are in favour.

to the Right of the national Council of these Changes, however, is likely to have, the voting public has the last word. The civil service Association Civiva, the group for Switzerland without an army (GSoA) and the Greens threaten with Referendum. Also, the SP checks to support the Referendum.

Referendum is already

decided to “the civil service have used in the past year, while 1.7 million service days for the most Vulnerable in the Swiss society,” says SP-security politician Priska Seiler count (51). These dedicated people are not “killing memory”, but also make your service to the country and population in a variety of places. “The main problems lie in the army, and must finally do their homework.” (sf/SDA)