red square was the first rehearsal for the Victory parade. Exactly at 22.00 Moscow time chasing a step were Hiking the calculations behind them a convoy. According to tradition, each Victory parade is not only a story of the military guards appearance and build, but also showcase technical innovations. “MK” has found out what will surprise the parade dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

the Rehearsal and the parade promises to be special. And one of the features you notice immediately – protective masks for all calculations. They are also on the faces of all the fighters of a cordon of Regardie. By the way, work them a bit. In the old days along the road from the Lower Mnevniki until the red square is not crowded – everyone wants to get close and has to click the famous “Armata”, the “Kurgans”, or, at worst armored “Tiger”. But now want a little. The coronavirus. And those few did that hand wave mechanics-drivers or commanders of cars. From afar.

– I went, and be sure to cite son, let him look and be proud of, – said the Muscovite Alexei. – But now come with it do not dare. Yes, and just for a moment – greet and go. To tempt fate I will not.

– And we are still closer will try to come! laughs Olga Ermolaeva. My friend specially from Tula came to look at least at the rehearsal what is it, Moscow parade.

And indeed there is something to see. In one mechanized formation tanks are T-90M and T-80БВМ, self-propelled gun “Derivation of defense,” armored car “Typhoon-VDV”. Will constant hit parade – combat platform “Armata”. And not only tank, but its little role – heavy infantry vehicle T-15 with the new combat module “Dagger”. Plus BMP “kurganets-25” with 57-mm combat module “Epoch”. Among the novelties there will be heavy flamethrower system, anti-aircraft s-300 B4, which are able to shoot down missiles at supersonic speed, and even say at hypersonic. As well as coastal missile complex “Ball”, “the Tornado”, Engineering machinery – more than 20 of the latest models.

Tear the passage of mekhkolonna legendary tank-winner – T-34. And there will be not two or three, and as many as 30 cars! Such a number of tanks of war Red square to remember is that in the forties and fifties.

the Total number of equipment, along with historic samples – 234 machine.

Another important event took place near the Kremlin. It is there rehearsed Hiking columns. A particularly expected part historical. The main intrigue: throw banners at the mausoleum, as it was 75 years ago?

But it will not shown. While it is a mystery akin to the military. Reached us only fragmentary information. The anniversary parade will March 11 parade in the historical uniforms: group carrying banners of the fronts of the great Patriotic war, the banner company with the Battle flag of roslavleindigenous connections and military units of the period of 1941-1945, companies of infantry and militia, pilots, sailors, engineers, scouts and border guards. They will carry samples of small arms of times of war: the famous PPSH, rifles bolt carrier tilt, and of course the good old Mosin rifle. Complete the passage of the historical part of the parade don and Kuban Cossacks.

as for the present, the 75th anniversary celebration of the victory over fascism in red square will be more than forty ceremonial boxes. First otmachivajut cadets, cadets, cadets and Nakhimov, as well as a detachment yunarmeytsev. Behind them, the steady build motorized infantry, border guards, tank crews, paratroopers, airmen and Marines. Not going anywhere, and “friendly people” – dressed in the outfit of the “Warrior” with the latest AK-12, they will strike step with eyes on the Kremlin. And, of course, promise to be and girls of the Moscow University of internal Affairs named after Vladimir Kikot, corps of cadets of the Investigative Committee named after Alexander Nevsky. Will flash heaven buttonholes detachment of pilots from the Military Academy named after Zhukov HQs. They debuted last year. And very successfully.

In the same ranks with them will take place and the future of our Armed forces – students and cadets of military schools, students of Suvorov military and Nakhimov schools, cadet corps and the national movement Unarme.

Special guests of the anniversary parade were foreigners. Promise to be 13 foreign payments. This will be the representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Moldova, Mongolia, Serbia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

it is Known that Serbia will represent the front calculation the Serbian Guard, the elite brigade of the Land forces of the Republic. From the people’s liberation army of China – honor. Most of the front boxes will be on average 70 people. Only China has brought more than a hundred.

the Debut night rehearsal of parade-2020 ended well after midnight. The following will be held today, June 18. The final “run” is scheduled for June 20.