Sergey Zagraevsky died a few days ago. The body of 55-year-old academician of the Academy of arts was cremated in Nikolo-Arkhangelsk a cemetery, according to his will. At the farewell ceremony with the artist have come native, friends and colleagues. Sergey was a frequent character on the air talk show, but his personal life he preferred to hide.

a Source close to the environment of Sergey Zagraevsky, told “MK” about the personal struggles of the artist. As it turned out, academician of the Academy of fine arts admitted that in his youth led a wild lifestyle.

“We often appeared together. About the “old man” Zagraevsky were many rumours in the corridors of Ostankino, in relation to its orientation, started a friend of the artist. – So he tried to seem brave that he relatively worked. Sergey very much, to the point and out of place, inserted the comments about her illegitimate children, in order to divert suspicion from himself, apparently. Before his death Zagraevsky was very sentimental”.

Another expert talk shows and familiar Zagraevsky — lawyer Alexander Benhin openly talked about what was the artist behind the scenes.

“Dozens of times were with him, began Alexander. – A very unpredictable person. I was impressed, for example, his knowledge of Hebrew (usually this is spoken by those who lived a long time in Israel). I’m in the 90s he studied there and lived for several years, so speak the language. Imagine my surprise when Sergey very adequately spoke to me on such a difficult language, however, he didn’t even live in Israel!”

Sergey grieved pandemic?

– Relative “poverty”, about which many have written – a complete fake. Sergei was more or less wealthy person. The price for his watercolor paintings amounted to about $ 1,000 for the work. Complaints of poverty and lack of customers – no more than self-promotion.

Sergey did not complain about health?

– No, never. Zagraevsky was quite modern and versatile man. Strong, smart man, about two meters tall.

went on to star in the talk-show to the last?

– of Course, Sergei is very clearly “keep the storyline”, so was the toast of editors on the talk show. Such experts, who are actively and emotionally Express the position of the characters, there’s always a need on the set.

– With whom Sergey lived?

– the last time Sergei was very sentimental – the place and out of place. Often thought about illegitimate children, and at his country house the twins lived-nephews, for 5 years, they, like, painted it all Wallpaper.

Before the shooting expert talk show checked on COVID-19?

– Before each transfer you take the antibody test among all participants of the shooting. Sergei was one hundred percent healthy. The mind boggles that he could ��end from a heart attack, as we are assured the media.