Became known income dummy son of Mishulina

Timur Eremeev has significantly increased their incomes since, as appeared in the talk show as the alleged son of a Soviet actor Spartaka Mishulina. About it writes “StarHit”.

As reported by “the Rambler”, Eremeev claimed that he is the illegitimate son of Mishulina. Thus, according to the daughter of actor Karina of Mishulin, in March 2019, the court officially recognized that he has nothing to do with her family.

Appearing on TV, Eremeev received for shooting in one issue of 500 thousand rubles, it is actively supported by the audience. Despite the court’s decision not to recognize the son of the famous actor, the young man noticed on the First channel, reminiscent of the “StarHit”.

In 2019, the actor was offered the lead in “family secrets”. And after the departure of Dmitry Shepelev from the show “actually” Timur Eremeev took his place.

Now the actor is still in the troupe of the Theatre of the Russian army and works on the First channel. Its revenue grew to several million a year, which helped to make good repairs in the apartment, the newspaper notes.

In turn, Karina Mishulina lost his job in the theatre and now earns as a leading private events and advertising in Instagram. Also, the actress decided to try his hand as a screenwriter and producer.