almost daily calls itself the “first aid” the star of the TV series “Carmelita” Catherine Pearl in his apartment on Sadovaya-Triumfalnaya street. 76-year-old actress the pressure rises to very dangerous levels. As it became known “MK”, malaise actress of the Moscow theater “Romen” feels the last 3-4 days. Possible health problems associated with the unstable weather.

Pearl complains pressure is too high (sometimes, this figure rises to 200 points) and intolerable headache.

the First two visits the doctors assisted in the home – reduced pressure antihypertensive drug. And on July 30 suggested hospitalization in order to alleviate the condition and to conduct additional screening.

Ekaterina Andreevna already at home, comes to life. Thinking of sending her some fresh air in the suburbs, told her relatives.

HELP-MK: Catherine Pearl studied at the Studio theatre “Romen” and GITIS. Most well known for her roles in the films “Carnival”, “Queen Margot” and the series “Wedding ring” and “Carmelita”.