Became aware of the decision to postpone the Victory parade

The Kremlin decided not to hold a Victory parade in Moscow on may 9 to postpone the event for a later date. About this decision became known owned by Grigory Berezkin publication RBC.

According to three sources in the presidential administration and the Ministry of defense, officially the transfer is scheduled to report before the end of the week. It is alleged that it was announced the head of state Vladimir Putin.

According to RBC, the transfer can be announced April 16 at a meeting of the Russian security Council.

15 April, the Russian veterans ‘ organizations wrote an appeal to Vladimir Putin, where he asked for coronavirus to postpone the Victory parade. The letter noted that the parade should not become a threat, and “a true triumph of peace and security for all its members.” Press Secretary of the Russian leader noted that the appeal will be considered.

RBC also previously reported that the presidential administration and the Ministry of defence is considering several scenarios of the parade. Authorities may be considered the option of moving the event to autumn, or for as expected, may 9, but without an audience.