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the Developer of antivirus solutions ESET warned about intensification of the activities of criminals in the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19. According to experts, scammers are taking advantage of panic moods in the society, luring the victims ‘ money through fake emails, charity events and announcements.

ESET described a number of such schemes. One of the key associated with the sending fake emails on behalf of representatives of the world health organization (who). Getting them to click a link to obtain the supposedly secret and critical information about the virus, criminals steal payment information of users and access their accounts.

Another popular scenario – a fake charity event under the guise of helping the victims of the coronavirus. Calling to make a donation to the search for a vaccine against infection for children in China, the fraudsters could just as easily lure victims financial information.

Increasing the number about listings of medical masks and antiseptics for hands, said Вестям.Ru in a press-service. In the UK criminals only in February, fished in this way over 800 000 pounds.

Experts call to be careful and not to open emails-dummy – especially when they come from addresses, and without having to who is irrelevant. ESET also suggest to avoid any campaigns to raise funds to fight the epidemic, and to ignore the message that requests personal or payment information.

on 11 March, the who announced the spread of the new coronavirus infection worldwide pandemic. As of March 16, all the world was over 167 thousand cases of infection COVID-19, more than 6.4 thousand people died.