Bebe Rexha (30) is known to share revealing snapshots on Instagram. So also on the occasion of your 30. Birthday last month, the singer have a picture posted, that showed only in the skimpy Thong.

her family had to swallow in the face of blatant Statements, but only once. “My father said to me: “Oh, my God. Please delete it immediately.” I said, ‘ no, this is not going to happen,” having fun “Meant to Be”-Hitmacherin to “E! News”.

Spontaneous Naked photo

On the image makes Bebe an impressive balancing act in her wardrobe, and at the same time carries Make-up. According to the singer, the photo had not been planned. Her stylist was stumbled in your Backstage area, as the musician on a concert prepared, and I immediately shot the photo.

“I thought: Wow, I look hot, and I don’t know if I’ll ever look so hot, and I feel comfortable in my own skin. So I’m going to post it,” explains the pop star. In your Post stressed Bebe that she wanted to celebrate her own body. “So 30 looks. Happy Birthday to me! Self-love. Positive Body Feeling. Just me,” she wrote proudly to the picture. (Bang/klm)