the news about the restart of the animated series “Beavis and Butthead” more correct to call intriguing. And the point here is not so much the return on the screens of the heroes of the nineties, as in the advent of the era of Me Too and the Black lives matter characters, which are loved for their trampling on any moral values.

Plans for the American channel Comedy Central and the Creator of “Beavis and butt-head” Mike judge is very brave. Claimed two of the season series, plus special episodes and spin-offs, that is, a series dedicated to one of the characters, or even feature length projects, as it was in 1996, “Beavis and Butthead” do America”.

“I Think it’s time to go Gaga,” says Mike judge, which again will be important in the production of the show and even, as in the good old days, ready to voice all the characters.

This is not the first return of “Beavis and butt-head” on the screens. In 2011, that is four years after the completion of the seventh season, was shown 22 new series. If we consider the eighth season of the show with the fan point of view, a four-year vacation is not detrimental to the characters of the series. There were rumors that Beavis and Butthead will grow up, but left them teenagers in t-shirts with the logo of “Metallica” and “AC/DC”.

Many feared that the scathing comments clips will disappear, and this prediction was partially borne out. The new series project came about when MTV was my dad’s Beavis and butt-head, ceased to be music television, and the format of the channel changed in favor of reality TV and soap operas. However, a marginal couple of very successfully switched to grinding bone to the heroes of the “Truth of life” and “16 and Pregnant” and other new documentary project American MTV. But despite all the enthusiasm for the heroes of the nineties in their pristine glory, the show only came back for one season.

the New revival of the series takes place in a completely different scenery. Even the realities of a decade ago in which was shown the eighth season of the show, can be called liberal obscenely against the background of what is happening now. And given summary “Beavis and butt-head”, the new life project is in danger of becoming one big scandal.

“Well, brains dude — they are made for all sorts of complicated things out there kind of science…”. In the era of feminism such a conclusion, even if made many years ago, is not likely to forget.

“This ass in pants looks better than most Chicks without pants…”. A real gift to anyone who wants to find a manifestation of sexism, wherever it was.

“Chris sucks covk. A Cross – kovaciny sucks. But what if the lame man come to blows with coucnil suck?” Against the total kneeling before suffering from racism dark-skinned citizens, this assessment of the white bullies Beavis and butt-head hip-hop Duo Kris Kross, which is the time I had two afroamerica��further teenager akin to a Declaration of war.

“Beavis and Butthead” first appeared on American television in 1992. That is, during the time when the rumbling grunge and alternative music was considered almost the only correct one. In a time when provocation was almost the main reception in the entertainment industry. At a time when the word “nigger”, few people bother, and considered solely in the context of what is happening. Now about all this expanse have to remember as something indecent, and therefore, it is unclear what will Beavis and Butthead in the era of Me Too and Black lives matter.

Perhaps the creators of the series have some trumps in my pocket and it would be better that there must have been a little more convincing. Still, the idea once again to hear “check it out, man!” (so it sounded in the local voice with the voice of Sergei Chonishvili) remains very attractive.