A natural Glow, while it may conjure up something Fresh in the face, but also emphasizes any imperfections. Especially in the T-Zone, i.e. chin, nose and forehead, we prefer a matte and not a shiny Finish. And you have oily skin, it is often unclean. Why?

blemishes are caused by sebum and hormones

Generally, oily skin has increased sebum production. It produces fat more skin than is actually necessary, and this shall be, then, as a shiny Film on the skin. Oily skin often tends to form blackheads and pimples, which is why oily skin is often prone to imperfections.

sebum and dead skin cells from a wide range in the pore channels and are for an irregular skin surface. Consequences of this are not infrequently enlarged pores.

causes of oily skin can be inherited or hormonal. Impurities can occur in stressful situations or when the hormones get mixed up, for example, in the puberty, pregnancy or even during Menstruation.

tips for Oil skin brush and sponge: you Have a oily skin type, you should not apply your Makeup with your fingers. You prefer to use a brush or a sponge, so that they can incorporate the product into the skin. the Blotting Paper: A small paper that dissolves the sebum from the skin and give you a matte Look gives. If you have no Anti-Shine-cloth in the vicinity, you can DAB the affected area with a paper towel or a handkerchief. The main thing, the cloth can fat. the Primer: Use it before Foundation as a Primer. This is in liquid or creamy Form and is intended to reduce the size of the pores, the Make-up adheres better. the powder: An oil-free powder can provide in the lunch break, in which the sebaceous glands are particularly active, for a fresher look. You can grab on the like to a transparent version so you can have a natural result. the setting spray: For a matte Finish, so-called setting sprays. You should keep the Makeup the way you have it in the morning applied. However, you can also give during the day, some splashes on the skin, in order to keep the matting.