We are in a time broken up in the stereo types of a man and a woman, so also in the Beauty industry. Make-up is now also used in men to be a big success.

According to the online portal HushHush.com every tenth man Make-up uses in England. Every fifth of them even takes a day to make-up utensils. Particularly in South Korea, the Trend has arrived: About three-quarters of the male population under a range of beauty and care runs once a week Ritual. Chanel’s first male Make-up line, “Boy de Chanel” appeared to be about 2018 for the time being, only in Korea. Today, the products are also in the Chanel Online Shop in the Western countries. Also in Switzerland the number of men who regularly wear Make-up is rising.

Egyptians loved Smokey Eyes, Greek eye creams

from the very earlier times men and Beauty is a theme. The Egyptians loved, for example, Smokey Eyes, the Greeks focused on eye creams. In the 20th century. Century distanced themselves men largely of Make-up. With exceptions, such as Prince’s (†57), with his famous Cat-Eyes, corresponded to the majority of vanity the image of pure masculinity.

Today, there are Youtube Stars like Jeffree Star (33) or James Charles (19) put on an impressive Contouring Looks. You can solve this ingrained prejudice, the Makeup is only for women. And more and more Brands rely on cosmetic lines for men. Already 15 years ago, launched Jean Paul Gaultier “Le Mâle Tout Beau Tout Propre”, a cosmetic range consisting of moisturizer, bronzing powder, lip gloss, Eyebrow and eyelash care, Concealer, and Eyeliner for men.

Concealer, Foundation, and Eye brow gel

In everyday life, the Make-up for men but more subtle. The average of the male make-up-Fans relies mostly on Concealer to hide beneath-eye circles and imperfections. Other popular products are moisturizing Foundation, Bronzing Gel or Eye brow gel.

your goal is maintained and not artificially to look. That is why the Beauty industry also relies explicitly on the minimalist products, which differentiate themselves significantly from the female products – “it’s matte; no shimmer Packed”. (bcv)