friends to come to a fine meal with good wine and Grappa, the alcohol limit for the car is exceeded the drive. The holiday’s acquaintance is to visit the parents-in-law from Germany traveling or the Babysitter for the children stays overnight – the list of situations in which you would be glad to have a temporary place to sleep for the beloved guests, goes on.

air mattresses, and a sofa bed instead of the guest room

Who has a guest room with free bed, is in the advantage. The reality is usually somewhat different. To lack of space.

in the Meantime, there are however, a wide variety of sleep sofas, or chairs that are not only practical, but also visually something to give. Depending on the model, with more or less sleeping comfort.

Comfortable and stylish

The separated family father who has his kids regularly visit, and in the new apartment, no own children will more likely to choose a Sofa bed with slatted base. In an office or a dressing room but can do, for example, a single chair with a sleeping function in service for a couple of nights.

But also in the living room instead of a large residential landscape, a decorative sofa bed sense. From the popular Skandi – or Boho-Style to the fine leather variant is there something for every taste.

storage in a small space

anyone Who has little space in the apartment, the a model with storage space for bedding is recommended. Because even the Little ones like to make the occasional Gschpändli to Stay home, can be in the children’s room a bed with extendable second bed is a reasonable purchase.

Otherwise, the ground for a night, mattresses are quite pretty and practical. You can also be easily stowed under a bed and in the warm Season than mats lying on cozy summer evenings, to be used in the garden.