In times of Corona-crisis, you have to be inventive. The pop star Beatrice Egli (31) thought. You don’t make music for their Fans not only from your living room, it presents to the audience of your training program. To ensure you get an experienced Athlete to the page: The long-standing Box world champion Regina Halmich (43).

Today, Thursday, at 17.30, the two drive together for the first Time sports. Via Instagram Fans can follow the. Egli: “Regina and I have found for the planned Training never normally time. Now were but cancelled all of our appointments, and so you made his day completely new.”

Training with boxer just fit

come For the musician, it was difficult to stay in times of Corona-crisis in motion. “I actually had a bit of trouble, to stay during this time, active in sports,” says Beatrice Egli. Therefore, the action coming with Halmich just suitable. “Today, however, it is in addition to the movement Fun with each other and, therefore, to entertain the people.”

Egli is familiar with the quick-witted German for 2015: “at the Time you stopped at an awards ceremony, a Eulogy to me and presented me the price,” recalls the singer in an Interview with LOOK. “Since then, we together will see us on Galas, Events and celebrations.”

Halmich a long-time world Boxing champion

From 1995 to 2007, Regina Halmich Box world champion was fascinated Egli. “I like you, but also simply as a human being and see you as a role model of how strong women can be.” Experience with the martial arts you’ve never done. “I’m pushing through very often, but rather through life and not from a sporting perspective,” she says, laughing.

after the Box-fight, the Regina delivered Halmich in 2001, with Stefan Raab (53) remains. In front of an audience of millions, you broke the TV presenter on live TV the nose. Something for Egli? She is waving. “We are going to talk always more about the dresses, shoes, and all the other women’s issues,” she says. “And we’ll share the one or other of the red carpet, but never together in the Boxing ring.”

the time is using at home to write music

During the Corona-crisis Beatrice Egli is in your own four walls in Switzerland. “It is around the world a very difficult time, but I’ve decided to make the Best of it,” she says. Force you find, among other things, in the Writing of new music. “I’m working on a new Album that is doing very well. Also, I keep in touch with all the people who are important to me even if it may be present only by phone and Skype.”