ray Mrs. Beatrice Egli (31) treated himself to a busy year 2018, a time-out in Australia. There you would be kicked almost with a hot Surferboy in front of the Altar, as she told in an Interview with a wink.

And it’s not the first Time that the singer would almost come under the hood. In the TV-show “Volle Kanne – Service day,” from chatted you this funny story: “With my DVD recording has made me someone a marriage proposal. And I said for Fun “Yes”.” She asked, however: “First, we have to kiss.”

“came His girlfriend and fletterte him a”

But the girlfriend of the worshiper found this action not funny at all. “It took, like, two seconds, and then his girlfriend came and fletterte him. Then he made his girlfriend a proposal of marriage,” reports the beam woman, laughing. “That was really crazy.” A Happy ending for the couple anyway. “I now no longer know that they are together.”

When your love is not knocking yet, for several years, Beatrice Egli is Single. But you can’t be swayed. The man of her dreams, she described a VIEW in an Interview on the occasion of the 31. Geburis as: “Suave men don’t interest me. I’d rather have a friend with a One than a six-pack. Spends more time with me than with the dumbbells.” (paf)

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