people’s artist of Russia Yuri Shlykov, beaten because of the garbage outside his home, told about the incident in an interview with RIA Novosti.

according to the actor, about nine in the evening he went for a walk with my dog. When he returned to the entrance of the house, they saw that near the exit there is a car, and something from it endure. In addition, the entrance was filthy. “Is a young man, I asked him to remove the garbage and dirt. In response I get a Russian response, which can not be repeated”, — said Shlikov.

According to the actor, he began to explain to the man that so you can’t talk, and tried again to get him to get out, but got abusive reply and a slap in the face. “Grabbing me by the neck, thrown on the floor, and I still have the dog. And I start to beat feet,” said the actor, adding that it has stood the neighbor.

After police arrived, the abuser said that he was defending himself. The actor said that he feels physically fine, but mentally he was tough. He expressed the opinion that such aggression is dangerous for the country. The actor said that he would not sue the attackers.

that unknown beat of Yuri Shlykov about the entrance to his house, previously reported. The actor came into conflict with two men who were near his house, after he reprimanded them for debris. During the fight Shlykov received some blows with hands and feet.