for A year he was with the Circus Royal on the road: Beat Breu (61) lived with his wife, Heidi (65) in the Bistro. Now the former professional cyclist wants more – a private circus. “I am convinced that there is space for a further small ring.” Not a very greedy plans, especially when you consider the difficulties in the case of Breus’s former employer, Royal. The second-largest Swiss circus caused last year due to a bankruptcy proceeding for headlines.

circus of the air sniffed

Of which can be Breu by no means discouraged, on the contrary. Since he has sniffed circus air, he wants to make more. For the financing of the National Circus Knie to inspire. “Have financed your new tent with Crowdfunding. Of course, the play in a different League, but why should that not work in us also?”

not an Option

is Failure On the platform of the local he collects donations for the “Circus Beat Breu”, “circus enthusiasts, children can train in a ring together with artists and domestic animals and occur”. The funding threshold is 50’000 Swiss francs, the target is until the end of June, 150’000 Swiss francs to get together. Failure is for the “mountain flea” is not an Option: “We believe!”