Finja and Fredueli were the eighth and ninth bearded vulture, which had been suspended last June in Melchtal, since that’s where the programme for the conservation in the year 2015 started. You can stay for the time being the last. Because there are no suitable young animals are available, should you need to cancel the planned release for this year, the Foundation Pro bearded vulture on Saturday.

Hatched were Finja and Fredueli in a Spanish breeding station. The conservation program of the critically endangered bird species breeding involved 40 Zoos and breeding stations. Also this year, many of the brood had fathered couples young, but all young birds from genetic lines that are represented in the Alpine population is already come, according to the Foundation.

Therefore, you would qualify for a reintroduction in Switzerland is not out of the question. Because the bearded vulture stock in the Alps from its own power slowly grows, its genetic diversity is still significantly too small. Without the release of further young animals from breeding with a significant risk of inbreeding existed in the medium term-issues.

The Foundation-to-monitor is currently in the wild broods. “At least eleven breeding pairs, we were able to demonstrate this year, already has a brood.” Due to the release of break the information booth at the Henglirain in Melchsee-will not care of Frutt in this year.

The bearded vulture, a scavenger, was earlier than lambs thief a bad reputation. At the beginning of the 20th century. Century, it was exterminated in the Alps. In 1986, a reintroduction project was started in Austria in 1991, in Switzerland.


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