Vlad Sokolovsky and angelina Surkov

Former husband of Rita, Dakota, 28-year-old Vlad Sokolovsky, in early July, confirmed the rumors about the new novel. The singer became the hero of the YouTube show “Alain, damn!” and admitted that he really is Dating model, singer, and member of the casting group Serebro angelina Surkova. The other day beloved Vlad turned 21.

In honor of the holiday Sokolowski published in instagram photos together.Be always happy, and I will try to do everything possible to support, congratulated Vlad his beloved on the page in social networks.

She also has published in the microblog joint pictures touching.

Stay here and hang on my shoulder for a moment together in the middle of a life

she wrote.

the Couple celebrated the holiday in Moscow, on the Bank of the Klyazma river in the OpenAir bar, which belongs to Sergey Zhukov.

Vlad and angelina meet last fall. The self-isolation they spent together, and both have been exposed to coronavirus. During this time the pair had called several times to disperse, but in the end they managed to settle all disagreements.

Vlad, along with his ex-wife Rita Dakota has a daughter MIA. Shortly after the birth of a child, Vlad and Rita broke up. The reason for this was, according to the singer, the endless betrayal of her husband. The divorce was very painful for Rita, she worked for a long time with a psychologist to overcome the breakup. She is now happy in a relationship with musician Theodore Belgaum and plans to adopt a child.