The delegates of the BDP have at their meeting from Saturday to the elections of 20. October looked back. On the day of the election losses were particularly painful, because the positions and values of the BDP, would have deserved to be considered, said party President Martin Landolt.

The BDP would be able to take in the coming legislature, again, the role that was written on the body, said Landolt according to the message – namely, that as a “solution-oriented, interface in the middle.” This role did not miss the party in the last four years, painful.

discussions to group to run

The BDP has lost strength with the election result for the group. Three seats the party remained in the national Council. Now, the key is to find a group, community, various discussions are in progress, which would now be concretised, said Landolt to the delegates. The BDP wants to make a contribution to a solution-oriented policy and aiming for the best possible visibility.

On the cantonal parties, a group of the community should have no influence. The party must therefore find a structure in the numerous Mandate holders and mandate holders have in the cantons and municipalities a political home.

Soon, the new President

At the Assembly of delegates, representatives of young BDP presented its new catalogue of topics, focusing on safety, training, Preparedness, the environment, society, Europe, and digitization.

Landolt will leave his post as President in the coming year, as he had previously announced. (SDA/jfr)