goodbye, Hans Grunder (63) from Rüegsau SCHACHEN in Emmental, BE, once again, Gas. Long the Bernese national councillor with a struggle, but it left him no rest. Or the other way around – the founding President of the BDP no longer held the rest in his party.

“Boring but good”, is the Slogan, with which the BDP in the elections. Grunder much of a bore, although not sure. And none, of the with their opinion behind the mountain. It was like that as a founder, in 2007, was selected for the SVP in the national Council, and immediately with the party-father Christoph Blocher (78) got into a fight.

“the Greatest rascal under the Federal home dome”

As the BDP is still “his” party was, as he would have held a drum fire, in order to help his plans for a breakthrough – and, Yes, even before the elections of noise. As “the greatest rascal under the Federal home dome” was once a political observer. That was then, as party leader, the founder of gluten-its, Federal councillor Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf (63) on a regular basis to know and, often, to drive, to take advantage of the favor of the hour.

“thanks to Eveline,” emphasizes founder fond of, I decided to Switzerland to phase out nuclear power. And thanks to Tesla car founder Doris Leuthard (56) was later also such an electric car from the United States as the Federal Council vehicle. A Ausfährtli with the founder of Tesla, had passed, and the then environment and transport Minister, was fire and flame for the vehicle.

Even now, Grunder can’t keep still. On the last day of his second-to-last Session, he has filed four motions to give the Federal Council and Parliament will provide a stimulus to the fight against climate warming: founder right-of-way for electric cars, calls for Free public TRANSPORT for children and young people, a phase-out timetable for internal combustion engines and a CO2-label for food.

right-of-way for electric cars, Free public TRANSPORT for Young

“My role model are the Nordic countries,” explains Berner. So the example of Norway to show clearly how one could increase in a short time the electric car-share considerably, if you create incentives. Therefore, Grunder requested in a postulate, the Federal Council should create incentives for CO2-neutral motorised individual traffic (MIV). The Tesla driver thinks of free Parking for electric cars, the use of bus lanes, reduced motor vehicle tax and scrap premiums when you switch to an electric or hydrogen vehicle.

children and young people up to the 16. Age year can use public transport free of charge. And for young adults, the public TRANSPORT up to 25 to. Age be greatly reduced, depending on income. This is the BDP national Council, calls for a second advance.

exit the roadmap for internal combustion engines

And in a further Motion requires Grunder by the Federal Council with a binding phase-out timetable for internal combustion engines. New registrations of petrol and diesel cars will have to fall by 2025 to 25 percent, and by 2030 they want to halve. 2040 must be an end to the internal combustion engines in the MIV. The founders from explicitly. And the Federal Council should be able to provide for also exceptions for the economy.

CO2-labels for food

Also, the food production will be climate-friendly. Founder wants to create a CO2-label. This will not only show how high the CO2 was consumption for food production, but also the CO2-consumption during Transport, consider: The Apple out of the Region belonged, therefore, in the best class A+++, Apples are a rating of how from Switzerland with an ordinary A still good. But the Apple from new Zealand is abklassiert with F or G.

Support from the farmers?

The fourth proposal to the food hoped parents support by the Swiss peasants. Because the food label on the products of local farmers to be encouraged.

How big is the support for the other three motions in Parliament, must be wise. However, they will be debated when the parliamentary elections in the autumn of 2019 are long gone. Then a lot of the environment will be forgotten a promise long ago. Grunder will no longer be able to defend the initiatives then. He occurs in the autumn. The Initiatives for breakthrough party, friend, Lorenz Hess (57) should help then. He promised to founder. That he manages, he could not promise, however.

And that Grunder is watching then only idle if the Parliament threatens to sink his initiatives, but also the assignor BDPler not put your Hand into the fire.